Open Records Request

Open Records Request

Texas Government Code Ch. 552 gives the public the right to obtain government records at a minimum charge. In accordance with the Public Information Act (Act) a request must be submitted in writing. A request under the Act should be made for information that is already in existence. The Act does not require a governmental body to create new records, perform legal research or answer questions. Requestors may ask to inspect records, obtain copies of records or both. Although most government information is presumed to be open to public disclosure, certain exceptions exist. It is the requestor’s responsibility to cooperate with the governmental body’s reasonable efforts to clarify the type or amount of information requested. Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of the requestor to make timely payments for all mutually agreed charges of the information requested.

A full data export will typically be uploaded quarterly. GIS data and common queries will be uploaded annually after certification. For any other open records requests please complete a Public Information Request Form or email

Common Downloads 

2023 Excel export Certified– Supp1 $100k Homestead

2023 Certified Export fixed width file format (layout format)

Property Use Code by property

GIS Export  as of 8/9/23

Certified Totals And Entity Reports

2023 Certified Totals

2023 Preliminary Estimates

2022 Certified Totals and Rolls July 22nd

2022 Preliminary Estimates

2022 Excel Export 

2022 Certified Export updated 7/25/2022

        –Export file layout

2021 Certified Totals and Rolls

2021 Preliminary Estimates

2021 Excel Export Supp as of December 2021

2020 Full Certified Totals-9/8/2020

2020 Certified Estimate-7/25/2020

2020 Preliminary Totals

2020 Certified Export

2020 Excel Export Supp as of December 2021

2019 Certified Totals Reports

2019 Average Residence

2019 Top Ten all entities

2019 Excel general data export

2019 Certified Roll Exports

2019 Excel export Supp as of December 2021

2018 Certified Totals

2018 Top Ten all entities

2018 Average Residence

2018 Certified Roll Export (export Layout Instructions- excel) as of 7/26/18

2018 Excel export Supp as of December 2021

2017 ISD Certified Totals Reports

2017 City Certified Totals Reports

2017 Other Entity Certified Totals Reports

2017 Top Ten all entities

2017 Excel export Supp as of December 2021

2016 ISD Certified Totals Reports

2016 ISD Top Ten

2016 City Certified Totals Reports

2016 City Top Ten

2016 Other Entity Certified Totals Reports

2016 Other Entity Top Ten

2015 ISD Certified Totals Reports

2015 ISD Top Ten

2015 City Certified Totals Reports

2015 City Top Ten

2015 Other Entity Certified Totals Reports

2015 Other Entity Top Ten


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