Open Records Requests

A full data export will typically be uploaded within a week after changes to the Certified Roll are supplemented and sent to the Tax Office. GIS data and common queries will be uploaded on a monthly basis except during the protest season (May-July) which may be delayed due to customers in the office.


Common Downloads

2017 Appeals current export as of 7-19-2017 (updated after full board ratifies panel decisions of previous week)

2017 Certified Roll Full Data Export   (export layout instructions- excel) as of 7/26/17

2017 Preliminary Roll Full Data Export Properties not noticed yet are included only for reference and values may change and are not official until certification on July 25th.

2016 Appraisal Roll Full Data Export (export layout instructions- excel) as of 5/1/17

GIS Export

Mobile Home Parks

New single family residences


Certified Totals and Entity Reports


2017 ISD Certified Totals Reports

2017 City Certified Totals Reports

2017 Other Entity Certified Totals Reports

2017 Top Ten all entities


2016 ISD Certified Totals Reports

2016 ISD Top Ten

2016 City Certified Totals Reports

2016 City Top Ten

2016 Other Entity Certified Totals Reports

2016 Other Entity Top Ten


2015 ISD Certified Totals Reports

2015 ISD Top Ten

2015 City Certified Totals Reports

2015 City Top Ten

2015 Other Entity Certified Totals Reports

2015 Other Entity Top Ten



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