Appraisal Review Board Members

Appraisal Review Board Members

Bajer, Carol  

Chambers, Robert

             Chapman, Robert

Corwin, Stephen

Degraff, Dennis

Dickens, Comer

Mattson, John

Reed, Charles

Ruiz, Belen  

Sadler, Charles

Speed, Nelson

Steakley, Marvin

Townsend, Dale



The appraisal review board (ARB) is the judicial part of the system. The ARB is a separate body from the appraisal office and serves a different function. It hears and resolves disputes over appraisal matters. This is a very broad and important responsibility, but the ARB must be sensitive to its legal and practical limits.

First, the ARB only has authority over matters submitted to it. The ARB has no role in the day to day operations of the appraisal office or in appraising property.


Except where it is deciding a protest, challenge or a correction motion, the ARB has no authority to change a value or correct the appraisal records directly. In a challenge, it must order the chief appraiser to reappraise or correct the records related to the challenge. Only in resolving taxpayer protests can the ARB make changes or set a value on its own. Such a change only affects the property in question.