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Deadline to file 2020 protest is June 4th or 30 days from Notice date! 

Online Protest is available until midnight of your protest deadline. Please refer to your appraisal notice for your deadline. 


If you file a late protest you will need to submit a letter stating your reason for filing late. If it is due to technical issues with the online portal please include dates that you attempted to efile, if you emailed or called the district provide your phone number or email address that you used when attempting to get help. 


COVID-19 Warning: Office is closed to Public

As the coronavirus situation progresses, we are committed to serving the public. Some of the latest developments have heightened concerns for everyone's health and wellbeing. We have made the decision to close the doors to the public to limit everyone's exposure. Through technology, we are confident that we can still offer service to the public, while protecting you and our employees by helping to increase social distancing and slow the spread of the virus. Priority will be placed on conducting teleconference hearings until a time and place can be determined to meet social distancing requirements. Please contact us by email or use our portal for common residential exemptions. The office will still be manned and answering the phone but if we are busy please leave a message and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your understanding,

Joe Don Bobbitt, RPA

Chief Appraiser




District does not charge a fee to file Homestead Exemptions.

If you receive a letter requesting $45 or more to prepare your homestead designation it was not sent by the appraisal district and has no bearing on your property tax exemptions. The District only charges for open records requests which are typically ten cents per page and $10 for maps and queries.